Outsourcing Benefits

Efficient, customized solutions, Payout's consultants team will always offer you the most suitable solution to your request
• Confidence in applying the best practices in the field,
• Cost optimization through reduction of time allocated for the specific operations
• Predictability of the budget destined for the Human Resources Department
• Data confidentiality through the storage secured in the PayOut data center
• Permanent report on legislative changes in this matter.
• Quick and legal solutions regarding the special situations of the working relations
• Continuous improvement of the activity through a PayOut dedicated consultant
• Error correction in the process of salary calculation and reporting towards the authorities
• Assuming the responsibility for the accuracy of the processed data
• Internal software solutions (managed by the ZUCCHETTI) based on modern technology and multiple automations on processing, allowing packages of customizable products.

Contact - Crowe Payout Romania SRL

BUCURESTI Str. Popa Petre nr 5, etaj 3, sector 2, tel. +40 (0)31 22 85 119 - fax +40 (0)31 2285120 info@crowe.ro

CLUJ-NAPOCA Str Dorobantilor nr 14-16 Cluj City Center, Cluj-Napoca, Romania tel. +40 (0)264 590 067 - fax +40 (0)264 596666 info@crowe.ro

TIMISOARA Timisoara, Str. Surorile Martir Caceu nr. 7, Jud. Timis tel. +40 (0)256 306 056 - fax +40 (0)256 306059 info@crowe.ro