A1 Consultancy

Obtaining A1 Forms

Crowe Payout offers consultancy for the procurance of A1 forms
  • Document drafting consultancy /  Eligibility criteria consultancy
  • File preparation
  • Representing the company in relation to the Public Pension Agency /   Collection of A1 forms
The form A1 (ex Form E 101) is issued by the Romanian authorities for the employees of the companies to be detached in one of the states of the European Union, thus certifying that the employees continue to be included in the Romanian social security system .
Crowe Payout provides consulting services in order to obtain the forms within the conditions of performing the exigibility criteria in accordance with the legislation in force, provides assistance in preparing the file and follows its progress till the issuance of the form.

The benefit of the consulting service of receiving the form A1 is for sure that of knowing fast the criteria to be fulfilled, the efficient management of a large numbers of documents and the maintenance of the relationships with the issuing authorities.

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