Labor Consultancy

Labor Consultancy

The experts are the ones who provide you with the optimal alternatives based on which your business decision is made

Our experience in labor legislation, documenting and analyzing the options you have available at key moments in your company's activity are needed at the right time and not a second later.

Payout offers you the right answers to questions related to the labor legislation and taxation in the field.

The expertise we have acquired while successfully completing complex projects, such as assistance with international assignments processes, participating in mergers and business branch takeover or drafting collective employment contracts become trump cards for our partners.

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BUCURESTI Str. Popa Petre nr 5, etaj 3, sector 2, tel. +40 (0)31 22 85 119 - fax +40 (0)31 2285120

CLUJ-NAPOCA Str Dorobantilor nr 14-16 Cluj City Center, Cluj-Napoca, Romania tel. +40 (0)264 590 067 - fax +40 (0)264 596666

TIMISOARA Timisoara, Str. Surorile Martir Caceu nr. 7, Jud. Timis tel. +40 (0)256 306 056 - fax +40 (0)256 306059