Crowe Payout Romania constantly updates its salary calculation method in compliance with all the legislative aspects involved, it maintains the data accuracy and confidentiality of its clients' information.

From data collection, processing and actual calculation according to the regulations in force, to payment of the employees and reporting to authorities and client, Payout is committed to observe the specifics of the activity, to comply with the procedures and binding terms.

Our monthly service includes

  • Collection, verification of time sheets and data sent by the client
  • Management of the personnel database
  • Entry and processing of salary calculation
  • Drafting and delivery of payslips in a standard or secured format
  • Management of the files for payment of salaries
  • Drafting and lodging declarations, in accordance with the legislation in force
  • Specific reports required by categories of taxes and costs, delivered in a compatible format for other software applications used by the client

Payout uses Global Sal, the application provided by its partner Zucchetti Romania.

Find out more about Global Sal

Our partnership with Zucchetti means the opportunity to provide customized services, based on complete client-tailored IT applications which include: payslips on security paper or sent individually via e-mail, accounting reports interfaced with various ERP systems.

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